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These three things cover just about everything you need to know about living in the world today as an entrepreneur.

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I want to tell you a story. It will be a short story, but I’ll include lifestyle, adventure, and work, which are the three areas that cover just about everything you need to know about living in the world today as an entrepreneur. I’m an expert at this. I’ve been around a long time. It’s an experiential thing. Trust me on this for now, and I’ll elaborate.


Yes, it’s about your standard of living, but more importantly, it’s about your quality of life. What does success mean to you? It’s probably about living a life of meaning and also includes some perks, like having enough money to do some fun stuff and help others. Maybe it includes having a loving family and friends and a calm, peaceful existence. If you’re anything like me, you might imagine reaching the end of your life and hearing something like, “Well done good and faithful servant.” We’re all different, but we all have a vision of success in life, and this is where I like to start. Although my early years were challenging by most standards, I found lifestyle success at a relatively young age. 


We are on this planet as humans for a short time, and we have the opportunity to experience much beauty and excitement. With that said, I consider adventure to include both the major experiences — and for adventure trainees — it also includes simple adventures, such as meeting a new friend and sharing lunch. My life has been one big adventure and I love to share them with others when I can. To many, I’m known as Captain Lee. I’m not really a pirate. I just play one on sailboats and sometimes in board rooms.


This is what we do to support our lifestyle and adventure. There is significant overlap for many people in all three areas — me included. For example, some people use adventure as their primary work source, which helps them to create the lifestyle that they desire. Some people work hard in the hope that they will improve their lifestyle and have some cool adventures. 

I have been starting, buying, selling, merging, and closing businesses for my entire adult life. I added some formal education in Purdue’s business school — and somewhere in a drawer is a Master’s Degree in Business Administration certificate with my name on it. It was on my bucket list.

My passion for the remaining years of my life is about helping people who want to help others. Usually, this means that they are using their work life to make a difference for others, and sometimes it includes entrepreneurship as they build businesses to help others. I have the experience and knowledge to make a difference in this department. I mentioned that I found  success early on and what I value most about the life that I have created (with significant help) includes the following.

1. I continue to develop and understand what it means to know and follow God

2. My wife, children, grandchildren, and my many extended family members. (Family members are not always blood relatives.)

3. My friends, business associates, clients, and people everywhere.

4. Art, music, sailing, and adventure of all kinds.

If you would like to broaden your perspective on life and you are interested in learning some things that I have learned the hard way, I’m happy to share with you!


From guiding me to improve my business to helping me with my finances to mentoring me on how to have difficult conversations, Lee has shared his wisdom and time. When you look at how far I ‘ve come, you will know how skilled he is.

– Miranda M.


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